About Us

Welcome to Mar Amoli! We are more than a natural cosmetics brand, we are a promise of authentic care. Since our beginnings as soap artisans, we have grown with love and purpose. Today, we expand our creations, from soaps to solid shampoos and creams. Maintaining our essence, we remain committed to your skin and the planet. With natural ingredients and free of palm oil, your well-being and sustainability are our passion. Thank you for being part of our family.

Our Story

Mar Amoli is a dream that became a reality, a project that germinated from a passion for healthy skin and creativity. Our story began in Monterrey, Mexico, where Mariana and José Miguel, two creative and entrepreneurial souls, decided to weave their energies to create a brand of artisanal soaps that intertwined the love of nature and beauty.

Mariana, with her training in Nutrition, always maintained a strong affinity for skin care and healthy eating. Since her childhood days, her fascination with molding jewelry and clay objects allowed her to unleash her creativity. On the other hand, her partner and boyfriend, José Miguel, followed a path in constant transformation. Born in Monterrey, he lived in three different countries: Mexico, Argentina and the United States. After obtaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Musical Production, he discovered his true calling in creation and artistic sensitivity.

The concept of Mar Amoli crystallized when Mariana graduated in 2019. Inspired by the soaps that her mother made as a hobby, Mariana began researching and making her own creations. The emergence of the pandemic became an opportunity to expand online and grow. Thus, Mariana and José Miguel began their adventure.

Mar Amoli's first soaps were simple and fragrance-free, but restlessness and the desire to innovate led to the creation of a line of soap desserts that captivated customers. Every new product was a lesson; Every failure, a chance to perfect. Despite the challenges, their perseverance and overflowing passion for what they did drove them to keep going.

José Miguel officially joined the project a year after it began, contributing his technological and numerical skills, in addition to his skill behind the camera. Together, they built their workshop and progressed, until it was time to add more hands to the team.

Today, Mar Amoli is recognized for its artisanal soaps of excellence, with ingenious designs and exquisite fragrances. The brand has a solid presence in Mexico and is also expanding its horizons to the United States and South America.

Mar Amoli's journey is a testament to perseverance, inventiveness and love for what is done. Each soap reflects the dedication and passion of Mariana and José Miguel, two dreamers who transformed their appreciation for nature and beauty into a successful venture.

Over time, the Mar Amoli family has flourished even further, taking its commitment to quality and sustainability to new horizons. As we grow, we are proud to present an expanded range of products: from solid soaps and shampoos to conditioners, body creams, lip balms, essential oil roll-ons and eco-friendly accessories. As always, we are here to provide you with products that take care of both you and the planet. Thank you for being part of this evolution!

Mariana Amione owner mar amoli natural cosmetics


Owner, Creator, Customer Service

I am Mariana, from Monterrey, Mexico. I studied Nutrition and I have a passion for skin care and manual creativity. Co-founder of Mar Amoli, I enjoy creating beautiful, artisanal soaps.

Jose Miguel owner mar amoli natural cosmetics

Jose Miguel

Owner, Marketing Expert, Designer

I am José Miguel, co-creator of Mar Amoli. Born in Monterrey, I lived in Mexico, Argentina and the USA. I studied Mechanical Engineering and Music, I am passionate about art and creativity, key elements in our business.