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Circular Body Scrubber

Circular Body Scrubber

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Discover our exquisite "Circular Body Scrubber," meticulously handcrafted from natural ixtle fiber sourced from the agave plant. This versatile scrubber offers a rejuvenating dry massage experience or serves as an invigorating exfoliator in the bath, leaving your skin feeling soft and renewed. Designed for full-body use, it effectively eliminates dead skin cells and aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Embrace eco-conscious luxury with a product crafted under the principles of fair trade, ensuring ethical sourcing and production practices.

Product Description

A circular-shaped scouring pad made from maguey ixtle fibers.


Ixtle de Maguey fibers

*The product does not include soaps. The soaps are shown as a suggestion of use for the product. Soaps are sold separately.

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