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Green Tea Multipurpose Balm

Green Tea Multipurpose Balm

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The Mar Amoli Green Tea Multi-Purpose Balm is a perfect blend of carefully selected ingredients to nourish your body, face, and lips with top-quality care and protection. Infused with nourishing Castor Oil, this balm forms a protective layer, preserving natural moisture and ensuring your lips stay hydrated and vibrant. Shea Butter, known for its emollient properties, delivers exceptional softness, while Candelilla Wax seals in moisture, providing a resistant barrier against dehydration with a smooth, non-sticky finish.

Jojoba Oil soothes dry, cracked lips, giving them a refreshed sense of comfort and softness. Argan and Rosehip Oils, rich in nutrients and fatty acids, revitalize and repair, becoming essential defenders against dryness and damage. The inclusion of Green Tea and essential oils from Tea Tree and Cedar offers antioxidants and soothing properties. With each use, this balm not only protects and moisturizes but also enhances the natural beauty of your lips, leaving them noticeably healthy and radiant.


Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Green Tea, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Essential Oil), Cedrus deodora (Cedarwood Essential Oil), and Vitamin E.

How to Use It

Versatile Use - Before applying the multipurpose balm, ensure the area is clean. You can use a gentle exfoliant if necessary, to remove dead cells and allow for better absorption.
Application - Gently press the tube of the multipurpose balm to dispense a small amount of the product. Spread it evenly over the desired area: face skin, lips, eyelids, ears, or other areas needing hydration.
Reapplication - You can reapply the balm as many times as you need throughout the day. It's especially useful in extreme conditions, such as cold wind or intense heat, to keep your skin protected and hydrated.
Tip for Dry Skin - If you have particularly dry skin areas, like elbows or knees, apply a more generous layer of the balm before going to bed. This will act as a hydrating mask overnight, providing intense hydration.
Storage - Store your multipurpose balm in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sun or high temperatures, as it could alter its properties.
Secure Closure - After use, make sure to close the container tightly to prevent impurities from entering and to maintain the product's quality. This versatile balm meets the needs of your skin in different body and face areas.

Product Description

0.7 oz solid balm bar.

All our bars are free of:

  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Synthetic Fragrances (Phthalates)
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Artificial Colors
  • Animal Product (vegans)
  • Palm oil (eco-friendly)
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